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I recently cleaned out my closet and put some items on EBAY . I found a few gems and classic basics which I know I will be able to wear year in and out. Then I decided to write a basic collection list, however I knew I needed a little inspiration. As I was doing some research I decided to have a look at some instagram accounts and blog sites. Here are a list of a few that I am love their style. 

(Click names.) 

1. Charmain Denty 

Fashion forward stylist, based in London. Works on some of the best shoots around. The style is what I would say street, high fashion but pratical and attainable too. Some of the things she wears I know I could never pull off, but an inspiration for sure. 

2. Fisayo Longe 

The owner of Kai Collective, her account is a fashion inspiration. Her dresses and the entire Kai Collective shop is something I want to own at least 80% of for sure. Its the colour and the different patterns and the quality. Slowly slowly I will.


3. Daniel Diyepriye

Fashion owner of his self titled luxury fashion brand. This is one I am already collecting. (blog post coming soon.) Luxury bags in particular without the heavy price tag. you will definitely need something from his collection that's for sure. 

4. Chainky

I came across this account recently. And the artistic and fashion vibes, made me think I had to change my closet immediately. Very high fashion and art. 

I would put a disclaimer to say I am no fashion insider, I love fashion and wear it all the time, but I am no Edwin Enninful (British Vogue editor.). These are the accounts and brands I am loving and look to fill my wardrobe with some of their collections. 

What fashion brand or accounts do you like? What do you think will be the trend of 2021? 

X Alonyo X 


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