Dear Diary 2:0

Hi all,  

Uk is on lock down 2:0 and to be honest unfortunately this seems like a normal thing now. Not just here but worldwide. I feel lucky I’m still able to continue in a job I love and am able interact with others on a daily basis. 

Boxpark Eats

The last few days before lock down decided to eat out and just enjoy my life before the Wednesday evening. I’m going to miss the relatively big (6 people) gatherings. But at least I can go on a walk with a friend every now and again. As I’ve mentioned in other blogs before, I am currently into walks. And don’t like to miss out on a good 2 hour walk at least once a week. I’ll put up a post of the places in and around London to do mini hikes. And I promise you, some areas will surprise you.

So what’s been happening this week?
Ended the previous week meal prepping and evenings seem longer. There has been a lot of non work work. And I am slowly getting into a routine. Again I thank my planning and diary for supporting me in getting more done out of my day. In regards to health and fitness, meditation and yoga is my thing. Workouts not so much as I enjoy working in daylight and outside. Guess I have to leave it to the weekends. So my official days off now are Thursdays (as in the evenings) and Sundays.
Meal Prep 

I guess you can call this a comeback. Dear diary is back. Hopefully this will last four weeks. Depending on the lock down situation. The most important thing at the moment is: Stay strong, remain safe and if you need that break to switch off. Then do it, follow your body’s intuition.

Now you have read the hard stuff. I would like to know what you would like to see on the blog? More importantly how are you feeling?

X Alonyo X


  1. Diary entries are such a lovely way to look back at things! Thanks for sharing x

    1. I really enjoy writing in a diary style. Thanks for reading. x

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