Managing Stress

Throughout my life I have experienced anxiety at a variation of levels. Part of me does not want to call it anxiety but what I go through has similar symptoms of it. A disclaimer I am not a Doctor, and I have NOT seen one for these issues. However after talking to others about it. I got myself into a routine that suits my lifestyle and put any stresses and possible anxiety levels at bay. So here are a few of my tips:


Over the last few months in fact, the last few years. Exercise has been my vice, I enjoy it so much. It can be a 45 min session in a day or a total of 2 hours within a day. I don't put much pressure on myself. But one of the best feelings is the release of all the endorphin's. Sweating all the negativity out of your body is a great feeling.


It goes hand in hand with the exercise, and sometimes I will do yoga instead of strenuous exercise. I meditate 15 mins in the morning and try and do it just before I go to bed. I am alot calmer once I have meditated. Sometimes I do so with music or just lay on my yoga mat in the garden. Either way it gives me a focus. 


I have been doing this alot more in recent weeks. My phone goes off in the middle of the day. Sometimes I forget it is off but I can only really do this when I am at home. I am looking at my screen less each week. Just so refreshing to not depending on technology regularly throughout the day. 


I spritz it on my pillow before I go to bed. And it has the relaxant qualities that are perfect. I am not sure what it is in the Lavender that relaxes me. It is the only thing that eases me into a great sleep. Not only do I spray it but my incense is also lavender and I light it most days.


I am the first to admit that whilst growing up I would giggle at family members that listened to it. But here I am nearly 20 years later and I love classical music. In fact I like calm alternative music with no singing. I usually play classical music on a Saturday morning. And because of my now busy weekend schedule I  look forward to just blaring it out the speakers. 


The books that I have read over the last few weeks has been more than I have probably read in my entire life to be honest. I joke but all of a sudden I have enjoyed reading a good book. Reading is a form of escapism and that can relax the mind too. I am mainly reading self help books at the moment. Nonetheless it has all equipped me in dealing with stress and or anxiety levels.


And the biggest and the most fulfilling. Only allowing certain people to have access to you is the most important thing in life. Protect your space and time which has a bigger influence on you wellness than you think. Keep negative energy away and you feel lighter.Anxiety levels down. 

Some of these tips seem so basic but I never thought about a lot of these things. Ultimately do things you enjoy with the people that bring positivity and happiness into your life. And maybe cliche to say but you are on to a winner.  



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