Dear Diary: 2nd Week of November 2020


Dear Diary,

It has a very two weeks. I am currently writing this on a Sunday evening listening to Jaiye Jaiye by Wizkid. (What a tune.)  I have sat in my chair and am so ready to write what I have been up to.

Its been two weeks into the a new book club I am a part of. We are discussing the book Women Don't Owe You Pretty. So far it is a great read and highly recommend it. It is a self help, self care type of book based on experiences of a young woman. Things that most if not all women go through. 

This week has been very exciting as I have a small team working on a business outside of this. Which is so exciting. Sometimes you never realise how much you needed something until you do have it. And the last few days have highlighted a few Eureka moments for sure. 

A clearout, I love a clearout. And with that I mean a wardrobe clearout. Some of which you will find  HERE. Any beauty or cosmetics that are unopened and unused I always give to family and also to WIGS for HEROES

The walks continue, but the exercises have definitely slipped. The motivation is not there anymore and I am struggling sometimes to get up in the mornings. The only thing that I an say is that meditation is the key. I make sure  I meditate in the morning before o start my day and write in my diary as well as meditate before I go to bed. Also the benefit of writing before I go to bed means I can literally dump any feelings I have gathered throughout the day and I sleep so much better for it.

What kind of things do you do to relax? What times of the day do you meditate? 

X Alonyo X 


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