What's in My Breakfast Bowl

We are currently in a heatwave in the UK, for me I don't like to eat too much. However the morning bowl that I create on a regular basis is as follows. And the reason why I eat all of these things so early in the morning...

Sea moss gel
With its antiviral agents, as a gel it adds something to the smoothies or yoghurt based pots I enjoy. Sea Moss is mainly found in the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea along coasts on the beautiful islands within that area. 

Full of antioxidants and minerals. It helps to flush out the digestive system whilst supporting the immune system. Can be sprinkled on anything and added to a smoothie. 

Currently one of my favourite fruits. I pick a box up every few days at the local grocers. Whenever I think I may not use straight away I put in the freezer or use in my baking. With its antioxidant qualities it is also known for helping to ease pains during the menstrual cycle. 

I have only recently started to appreciate these fruits. They are really sweet and because of this I don't use the agave syrup. A great source of vitamin A and C, iron and calcium. And like most berries has significant antioxidant qualities too. 

Have antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties. There are a few different types including the flat type. Depending on how ripe they are they can become quite sweet and are soft to eat.

For more vegan based recipes follow:  Maleng Food

What are you currently eating for breakfast? What are your favourite dishes? 

X Alonyo X 


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