Manifesting and Effect

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Originally I was going to write about vision boards and how to make it all work for you. But realised that manifesting was the aim of the blog post so decided to switch it up. This is more of tips that I use to encourage manifestation and motivation.

Vision board
At the start of the year I created a vision board that included many things that I wanted to complete. However 2020 as for many has not been the most ideal year to complete any a lot of the things. As soon as lock down started I went into creative mode. So what did I write about and what I have achieved and the ones I would like to share:
I wanted to restart, redesign and create more in this regard. An aspect of my vision board with a date. Although I set it up for it to be relaunched in May or June of this year. I relaunched in April. So I was ahead of my time. TICKED and COMPLETED on to the next.

Fitness and Health
The gyms have only recently been opened. But to be honest I am not going back to the gym until the cooler months probably September at the earliest. Currently I have been doing workouts at home. I wrote on the vision board that I would be doing workouts minimum four times a week. I now do six days a week. This week I managed to do seven workouts over seven days with two days off. Oh and water intake has gone up, still an interesting taste but its great for you.

Its all very well writing what I have achieved but how have I managed it..........

~Create a vision board and lists
This is so important. It gives you a goal and encourages you to get the things done. You can create the lists based on the vision board on a daily and weekly basis, whatever works for you. I always refer to the vision board on a Sunday which enables me to create the lists that I need to get me through the week. 

~Use cutouts, colours and photos.
Vision boards can work when you write slogans or quotes down. But also cut out photos or just download from the internet. Having photos and cartoons as well as words gives you a more realistic aim and focus. I am a visual person so from time to time I need to see photos to keep me going and motivated. 

As in where to put the vision board. I have mine right opposite my bed. Why? So I can see it every morning. It makes me feel great to see that I have achieved some but also that I need to keep going.

~Review and tick 
Once you have created the vision board or the list , make sure you are in constant review. Tick off the goals which you have completed. If there are new ideas and goals you have add them. Its always good to refresh what you want. 

Outfit Links

Get manifesting and vision boarding......
Is a vision board something that you have done? How has it worked for you? 
X Alonyo X



  1. Congratulations on what you've accomplished thus far. I am a firm believer in the power of a vision board. Personally, I like to create a digital version and then set it as my computer wallpaper. That way, every time I log onto my computer I am reminded of what I'm working towards.

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