Dear Diary......

Lets go 


It has been a while since I wrote a dear diary style blog post. Thought I would do one just for myself really. Back to the online journal style.

Set the scene it’s a Saturday evening I’ve done the weekly food shop, cleaned the house, done some PR ,eaten ackee and saltfish dumpling and whilst writing this am watching Harry Potter.
In the UK we have hit Autumn, it’s cold. I have the heating on and I intend to live in UGG boots throughout this chilly season. The fashion looks I have prepared for these seasons. I cannot wait.

I haven’t been given so much effort towards the blog. And guess what we are back in business. With different and more exciting content coming out. The schedule remains the same, every five days. So random days each week. Which you my wonderful readers and subscribers tend to prefer.

New release
Over the last few months like a lot of others around the world I have been baking and cooking. Creating treats for myself and those around me. I rarely buy ready made cakes and biscuits as I like to control the amount of sugar and fat I have in my foods. This change in diet has made me feel a lot better. I’m proud to say I have an EBOOK  out....... . I will be writing the process I went through for this.

What have you been up to? Have you changed any part of your routine? What are you looking forward to in Autumn/Winter?

X Alonyo X



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