Welcome Back: Lets Go 2022

Happy New Year to you all!

I've got that part out of the way now. But serious question how long into January can you even say Happy New Year. How have you been? How were your festivities? 

I had the best down time. As like many of us seeing family and friends was even more memorable this year as many of us were unable to see each other due to the state of the world. So here is a little catch up ( but more will be explained in blog posts to come.)

In regards to this blog I took a major hiatus. Mainly because I had a writing block and didn't really know what to write about or if I did when to upload it. But I am ready to write and feel refreshed. Many ideas and topics that I want to discuss in this space.

Socialising was very high during the festive period. Spent time with family and friends. And I am sure they may all agree that we needed that space and time. 

Little travel, because like many of you I am sure, travelling was difficult last year. So went to Wales to hangout with family. And I learnt more about myself and the pushed my physical capabilities. All of which will be put into an uploading blog too.

What's Next.....

I will be uploading a blog post every week . It will be on different days but will always go out at 7.30am of that day. And let me tell you I cannot wait to get back into it. 

With an addition in February 2022 too. Which I cannot wait for you to see. 

Lets get stuck into 2022. What goals do you have? Have you started? And what would you like to see on the blog?

X Alonyo X 


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