The Coach Tabby : Review

 This is a first for me a Bag Review. I start with the Coach Tabby Pillow which I got in a cream colour. From when I started making my own money I was not so much interested in bags from the likes of Coach unless I visited the USA and took a trip to an outlet village. Because everyone knows there are some ultimate bargains out there for the win. However Coach has been revived with the likes of Jennifer Lopez at the helm of the most recent adverts and it had be sold for sure. Proof that celebrity does still work. 

Here is a short review or opinion of the bag.....

The pillow bag is a buttery of leather which feels great however it can be easily scratched. And with the cream colour that I bought you can see a lot of the scuffs. Fortunately Coach offer a free cleaning service which means when you are at a shopping center or high street you can get it cleaned whilst you continue shopping. That's another reason why I love to purchase premium and designer items because of the extra services in which they offer for free. (Ok that took me down a different road.)


It is a pillow bag which means it looks bigger than what it is. I am used to using bags with a bit more space. Which this bag for me does not have. It is definitely not an everyday bag, but more of a going out shopping with the girls or date evening bag. Its great that you can detach each handle. If I'm going for a casual vibe I  will use the long body strap, if it is date night it will be the shorter handle. 

Final Word

I do think it was slightly overhyped this bad across social media. However I succumbed to the insta hype. I thought it was worth it and I managed to get a bit of a discount. I need the colour way and I can wear it with most if not all of my wardrobe. Definitely get it if like me you needed a cream/ nude colored bag big enough to carry your IPhone 12 Pro Max, keys and a bit of make up, without breaking the bank. 

Its a 8/10 for me !!! 

Here a few different colour ways and sizes too:


What bags have you had your eye on? Have you bought any bags recently?

X Alonyo X 


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