Women Power

May 19, 2019

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There has been a lot of  media coverage in regards to 'Girl Power, Female empowerment.' and such like which I support all but above all I am all in for  Women Power. Women Power  to me is the greatest power on earth. The fact that as women we can bare children an run businesses at the same time, whilst supporting our families. Hats off to all that do all or even one of these things. I was recently at a hen do in the countryside of Gloucestershire and when I returned home I was inspired by all that were there. 


From old school buddies to family of the bride in which I had not met before. Everyone had a different story, came from a different walk of life yet the common goal that weekend was to celebrate a daughter,sister, niece, daughter in law and friend's last few weeks of being a singleton. I watched as there were no 'friends politics' involved and everyone had the best time. The photos after the weekend were just a fantastic reminder of how much fun we had. 


A little brief on what we got up to:  ( As I am not going to put up personal photos of the weekend, however if you head over to my Instagram Account, you may see a few.) 

Prosecco on arrival from the brides mum and sister. 

Party Games throughout the night, with dance tunes of course. 

Breakfast sit down.

Walk in the countryside.

Drinks at the local pub. 

Cakes and Tea.

Dinner and drinks.

Night Out in nearby town.

Before we left it was a nice breakfast sit down. 

The Hen's mum and sister did a great job, the best hosts.


I mean how to host a Hen Weekend is not the  only thing  I learnt that weekend. But the power of being a women. Everyone has an inspirational journey whether it is professionally, travelling, being a mother and just being the best versions of themselves it was all inspiring. One of the things I learnt from the entire weekend, is that its  okay to be yourself. Something I constantly struggle with from time to time. In my big old age feeling comfortable in your own skin is key. The last few months I realised a lot on so many levels and I think I needed a weekend like this to refresh, refocus and re-energise. As women we owe it to ourselves to do it from time to time. 



My outfit details.

Faux Leather Biker Jacket- New Look

Grey Long sleeve top-Primark (SIMILAR)

Black Leggings-Primark (SIMILAR)

Trainers- Converse

Aviator Sunglasses-River Island (SIMILAR)

(Oh and the cup includes an extra special Hot Chocolate.)


Here's to Women Power!!!!!

What does being a woman mean to you? Let me know. 

Xx Alonyo xX 




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