What Travelling Really Teaches You

February 3, 2019

I love travelling, if I could do more of it I would. Sometimes I wish I had that job which meant travelling abroad on a monthly basis at least. 2018 was a great year for me in regards to travelling however I visited places that I had been to. For example Barcelona I had been there in my teens on a school trip. Going back there with the girls was a lot better as I saw it in a completely new light. 

I have so many people asking me "Alonyo, why do you travel all the time?" The answer is simply I love it and love to learn.

So what does travelling really teach you? 



No matter where you travel to, you are bound to learn the local culture. If you are there for a short time its mainly the food and some of their customs. I love going to other countries and finding their national dishes. When I went to Canada I didn't realise that one of their famed dishes was poutine. Chips with gravy and you can also add cheese on top. It was supposed to be a side dish alongside like a burger or something. However I was full after just eating that. More importantly you learn and understand their customs as part of the country. I am a believer that the fact that we haven't learn a countries customs culture and customs allows us as humans to be ignorant and less tolerant of others. 









 Depending on how long you are in a country, you get to learn a language. Or use a language which you have learnt. The locals love the fact that visitors try their language. When I go to Paris I always use my GCSE French vocabulary, even though its very limited. The only thing about speaking the local language in a main city is that most time then not they do reply in English, which means there was no point in you trying. But I always do, I have that skill, why not use it. 


















Although I travel with friends and family a lot, there has been a few times which I have travelled abroad by myself. This is the time it forces you to be sociable. You put yourself in a vulnerable state when you have travel on you own. You can find someone sitting next to you at an airport waiting to depart and begin a conversation with them. On my way to Toronto, as the plane was empty a women came to sit behind me and she began telling me of al the places she has visited. That made my flight easier. And its with the socialising you can see a country in a different light. I have been to Paris many times. Once when we bumped into a Parisian couple, they were giving us the best bars and clubs to visit where the locals go. I am telling you my friend and I had the best time. 







So just a  few reasons why travelling is the best thing to do with your free time and money. It could be a new city or town that you have not visited where you have resided. As I live in London there are so many places in the UK that I am yet to visit. Some are being ticked off my list in the next few months. So expect a blogpost or too. 

Let me know where you are travelling to this year?  What do you love about a country that you continue to visit? 


Xx Alonyo xX   

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