My favourites.......Influencer Edition

October 25, 2018

Welcome to another addition of my favourites, and this post is about my favourite Influencers. An Influencer is someone who has significant impact on the lives of others in a positive way. And guess what? I have my own little list of women who are killing this Influencer game. By the way this is not in any particular order. 



Otherwise known as Style With Substance on her socials. I came across her journey after typing: How to get on the Property Ladder into the Youtube search bar. There is where I found  Style With Substance and followed her moves from there. With a background in marketing her videos are not just about what goes on in her life, but also tips on anything business and career related. From money motivations to general advice. She is one to continue watching. A very relatable young lady going through a lot of situations that young women go through. In my eyes she's one to watch for sure. Not just your average Youtuber/influencer so much more. 

I asked Nodreen a few fun type questions :

What is your favourite meal/food? Sushi 

3 words to describe yourself? Ambitious, classy and game changer.

As a child what was your dream job? A writer 

On Youtube:

 On Instagram: swsblog





 Another fellow Ugandan, Atim is a Nubian queen. Her presence on social media is clear. She is a model but not just any model. She is aware of  her consciousness. Kind of like that friend who says it how it is not matter what.  Her main base is Instagram where she slays all of her looks. Recently bagging a collaboration with a few well known fashion brands,she is making a wave or should I say a surge. 

Check her out: 

On Instagram: atimxo











The best part of writing these segments for each of these inspiring ladies, was that I asked them before hand if I could. And I got such a positive response back from both.Thank you to you both.  Here is to women empowerment and support the world over!!!


Xx Alonyo xX 


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