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From time to time we come across a blog or an Instagram account that is different and interesting. Not to mention when it features topics that you can relate to. I only follow one type of house proud new wife account on Instagram. The account is mrs.varcoes.home (clink link.) I had a few questions for Mrs Varcoe and she gave the best and most honest questions. 


What made you start this particular account?



I have always enjoyed making my house a home. It feels me with so much pride when I have visitors over and the house is spick and span and they comment on how homely, tidy and lovely my house looks. I hate it when Mike brings people back unexpectedly (which is all the time) and the house is not how I would like it to look. But the last year and a half planning our wedding took so much energy and time away from me that I started to notice that my standards had slipped massively. I was getting lazy and making excuses for not doing things around the house, the chores were piling up.
When we were on our honeymoon I said to my Husband (by the way I am still getting used to saying that, it really does make me feel so grown up now) "What on earth am i going to do with my time now?" I kind of realised, due to working an extremely demanding job and a 3 hour round trip commute I don't really have time to fill this void with any hobbies but I still wanted to do something to fill my time but it needed to be something which I enjoy and I am passionate about. That's when I noticed my friend had set up an Instagram account to share her stories, life experiences, tips etc on being a mum to the beautiful Sienna-Rose and I said to Mike "Thats it... why don't I start sharing my life as modern-day housewife!" I set up this account not only to motivate myself to do the things I need to do at home but also just to share with anyone who cares to follow me, the day in the life of me really. From household cleaning tips and tricks to inspirational quotes and my guilty shopping hauls.


What sets you aside from all the other 'cleaning guru' accounts on Instagram?

Firstly I just want to say that I do not claim to be an expert or Guru in anything that I do, I am STILL learning. But one of the main things I would say is that I DO NOT take myself seriously, I never have and to be honest I don't think I ever will. I purely set up this account for a bit of fun and to learn from others who are also passionate about the same things as me. I may even go days or weeks without posting a story or uploading something on my news feed because I have decided that spending my time with family and friends at this moment in time is more important than losing potential followers on Instagram due to the lack of activity on my account. Cleaning accounts on Instagram is such a crowded market, there are so many amazing accounts and beautifully decorated homes...But if anything, what makes me stand out above the others is my MUSIC, which kind of falls in with I do not take myself seriously! I LOVE music and just love trying to pair any random activity I am doing on my stories with the most cheesiest/random songs.


If you could live with one product,what would it be and why?

OMG that is a hard question, I am going to assume you mean cleaning products- otherwise, you know my answer would be lipsticks. Gosh, it would have to be...the Dettol All in one spray. I probably go through a bottle every 2 weeks. It's such a versatile product, I use it for cleaning my windows, mirrors and glass tabletops. It polishes silver handles and doorknobs nicely, as well as the door to the microwave and kitchen cupboards. It kills 99.9%, there are so many scents to chose from (My fav is the spring waterfall) and they all smell amazing,  and yes I have them all. Before I go to bed I practically spray everywhere in the kitchen and before I leave the house most mornings I run around spraying EVERYTHING in the house. And I mean everything, from pillows, sofas, beds to surfaces, toilets, bins, and sinks. When I come home from work the house still smells as inviting as I left it. I also get lots of visitors in my house, so it means if anyone does have a nasty bug or cold it helps keeps those germs at bay!


What is you favourite hack? (Any that you swear by.)

I have two.. sorry you know I'm extra :) My favorite hack which I have learned recently is how to clean silver and gold jewelry so it looks lie you have just picked it up from being polished. And OMG it's so cheap and really is effective. WASHING UP liquid. Once a week I leave our wedding rings and bands overnight in a little jar filled with warm water and a splash of washing up liquid and OMG it works. The first time I did it I was amazed at how much grime came of. Disclaimer needed... It needs to be real otherwise this will just ruin it! Second which is kind of fitting with the season we are in now, I don't know if this works but it makes me feel better about myself. I have always placed conkers in the corner of rooms, and external door entrances since I was in my early teens to deter spiders away. Apparently, they do not like the smell, and to this day I have never seen a spider in my house. I HATE Spiders! Sorry not a cleaning tip but it is a need to know!



What advice can you give someone who wants to start an Instagram account about something that they enjoy?

The main tip I would give is just to be REAL and be YOU. Do not feel guilty if you do not post on Instagram for a while, don't focus on the number of followers you have.. focus on the reasons why you are doing this. Social media can be extremely toxic, do not get wrapped up in it. It is not reality, your life is the reality. I am sure lots of other accounts can give some great advice on how to attract more followers and how to get freebies etc... but that's not why I started this account so I haven't really spent time on that. But one of the things I do want to work on is re-branding my page so it looks more visibly appealing... at the moment it reminds me of a messy bedroom. I suppose i just go so excited with posting things that i never really took a breather to work out how i want to represent my image... ME


A great interview right?If you have any more questions go and check her account out. Mrs Varcoe Homes for more.....













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