How to Stay Motivated 2019 edition

February 10, 2019

I enjoy reading about how others may stay motivated at work, uni or in life. What keeps people going to be at the top of their game. I'm not at the top of where I need to be, but I will get there by any means. So I guess it makes it easier for me to write how I stay motivated.


1. Goal writing- Not only do I write on a weekly basis what I must achieve, but I also have a mood board which I look to everyday. It reminds me the motives. 


2. Seeing results-With fitness and health you have to feel it. The fact that my jeans have lots of space in the waist area allows you to realise all the hard work you have put in. This makes me carry on. 


3. Chilling out- I always relax when my body tells me to do so. There are times when I don't sleep and times when I over sleep. Its balance and everyone's body can adapt in some way. 


4. Ask-You may need an extra level of support and in doing so sometimes I may ask for help. Especially if I am not sure how to go about a project I will reach out to an expert in that field.


5. Go with your gut-I say that as I am writing this. I wanted to write and updated version as someone asked me , how and why I stay motivated to blog and gym. 



6. Reminders- This is why a mood board is very important. Sometimes I need reminding on why I am doing something so that I continue. Its usually when I have to do something minor that I don't want to do. Somehow it works. 


7. Life -Self explanatory, but in all you do, there is only one shot. If anything LIFE should be the ultimate motivation. 


How do you remain motivated? What blocks the motivation process? 

Xx Alonyo xX 








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