Hitting and Smashing Those Milestones

September 20, 2018

The Sky is the Limit is the theme of the month and forever. 

After recently hitting a target, I smashed it and excelled which I had my doubts about. I was not confident in what I was doing and how to achieve it. Once I realised that I surpassed it I had a chuckle to myself and then I

thought what is next? How can I take it to the next level? Then I began brainstorming the next things from projects to goals. This is all after manifesting and writing down the old aims and goals. 




Its not easy pushing yourself. I don't feel that I need a cheering squad in my ear to do what I need to do. Sometimes the best things can be appreciated even more can be done in silence. Although sometimes when you don't it can feel lonely and slightly uncomfortable. You have to step outside of your comfort zone to get stuff done. Try it, try things that you don't usually do!! It WILL work out.    


Xx Alonyo xX  


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London, UK

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