Hiatus is over.......

August 16, 2019


Hi and welcome back to my blog. (Youtube introductory voice.) And no I do not have a Youtube channel and I have no intentions to start one anytime soon. But I am back on the blogs and have a lot to say........


Well if you had not realised I took a blog vacation, but not an Instagram one. I needed to recharge my batteries, stratergise my next moves in regards to this blog and my entire life. And whilst it was fun and relaxing and I ticked off some personal goals I wanted to blog about. I have written or typed up days that were significant over the last few months. And although it does not  seem like a long time creating content it has been a while. 


I am taking a slightly different direction in the way I approach my blogs though. I want to do more in depth posts about topics I am generally enthusiastic about. From fashion, lifestyle and travel which has always been areas that I love. However I am adding the Worldly topics as a new type of post which I will be adding to the blog. What do I mean when I say 'Worldly topics' I hear you say. Worldly topics are topics which will impact that world (or I hope.) for example Sustainability and Humanitarian topics. As I am slowly realising this is my space on the web that I can use in the best way possible. However if you think you will get anything politically motivated on this blog, then you are highly mistaken. I am not an MP. 

Other aspects that have changed are that there will be weekly posts , instead of bi weekly. The reason being that I want to write and edit more in depth posts.  Also be more creative in the approach to the posts too. 


Also expect photos galore. I love my blog because I can express my creativeness from taking some great photos. (If I do say so myself.) To directing the photographer to my best angles. 


Send in your questions for the monthly 'All About Me'. 


Welcome back guys!!!



Xx Alonyo xX 


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London, UK

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