Getting Organised: August 2019

August 28, 2019

Some of us would have only had Bank Holiday off, some may have taken the full 6 weeks of the school summer holidays. Either way it was a nice break whilst it lasted. I guess it’s back to the working/education life again. It may take a while to get into the normal routine but you can do it. (If I can, then anyone can do it.)  How do I prepare for the next few months ahead? Here are a few of my tips and hacks to get you ready no matter what:



As soon as you get dates for important events, meetings and due dates for assignments add them to your diary. On your phone or in the book depending on what you prefer. It keeps you organised in knowing what things are important.



Prepare Wardrobe

Being a professional most of us have a ‘Work wardrobe’. I prepare my outfits for the week ahead. Sunday before about 3pm I do this. Making sure all my work clothes are ironed and fresh ready for the next few days. It also will save you time. The last thing you want to do each morning is wonder ‘What am I going to wear?’ Just grab and go.


Food Prep

I am getting back to into healthy eating which means, that I have to prepare a lot of my foods so I don’t become lazy and eat ‘junk’. I always make a batch of a curry bean stew and leave it in the fridge. It is just quick and easy to warm and I can eat with anything. In regards to snacks, my current favourite is popcorn. I make the popcorn myself ready for a few days, so I can take as I want.


Clear out

I try to clear out a physical aspect of my life daily. It can be the email inbox, makeup storage or a handbag. Just decluttering your mind is a great way to get rid of ‘stuff’. I enjoy doing it and it helps me take my mind off a lot of things.



The final tip and hack, is exercise. Some of you may decide to do it in the morning before work or evening after work. I go to the gym at least 3 times a week and in the morning. It gets the endorphins working for the week and encourages me to focus on the day ahead. I also start my week at the gym, as going on a Monday set the 


What are your hacks or tips you have going back to work or uni? What tips do you follow which are similar to the ones listed? Let me know.

Xx Alonyo xX

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