June 13, 2018

Focus can mean different things to everyone. But for me its the fulfilling purpose in anything you do. So how do I accomplish this? what do I do to maintain the best momentum. 


Creating lists

The best way to keep on course of succession is by making a list. As I have said in a previous post or posts there is an element of satisfaction when you are able to tick something off. This could be a daily focus or something you want to have focus on for the duration of the year. 


Mood board

I always create one at the start of each year. And its amazing to see the things come into fruition. I have one on my desktop and laptop and also one in a notebook. It includes photos as well as sayings and slogans to uphold. Gives me the focus I need.



I always thought I would like the idea of having a pen and putting it to paper. Just popping my laptop on and typing is the best feeling. It allows me to focus and research on topics I truly care about. 


Setting goals

When you you put a deadline or a date on something, please believe it will be done quicker. In a way its manifesting in a lower form. Talking about it more or seeing it more makes it a focus. It gives you the the strength to fulfil the goals and aims.  


How do you focus on the things you need to accomplish? What works for you? Let me know. 


 (Okay I was feeling myself in this photo,my focus look.) 


Xx Alonyo xX 


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London, UK

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