Favourite Meal: Okra stew

October 21, 2018

I am sure every other blogpost of mine recently starts with "As it become cooler in the UK."  But as it does become cooler nothing says cosy evenings in like a hot meal. My favourite vegetable is Okra. Not the most appealing looking thing in Acholi (North Uganda) we call it Otigo, some also call it lady fingers. You can buy them frozen or fresh but I prefer them fresh from the vegetable shop. Here is a recipe for Alonyo's Okra Stew.  


Alonyo's Okra Stew 



Okra/Lady Fingers (As much as you would like.)

Masala Seasoning

Red Onion (Half)

Mushrooms (6 per Okra handful.)



Canned tomatoes

Hot water 

Olive Oil. 



Large pot

Cutting board



Slice the onions thinly and crush the garlic. 

Put the large pot on the stove with roughly a table spoon of olive oil. 

Add the sliced onions and garlic to lightly fry in the large pot. 

Cut the mushrooms into half  (So they are chunky.) add straight in to the pot to fry.

Once the onions,garlic and mushrooms have browned add the canned tomatoes.

Whilst the onions and tomatoes are mixing wash and cut the Okra. 

Add the okra to the tomato and onion combination. 

After 5 minutes add hot water and stir in the masala seasoning. 

Leave in the pot to boil for 25 minutes. You may add hot water during the 25 minutes depending how you like you stew or soup. 

Serve whilst its hot.


I usually eat this stew with bake plantain. Its the best thing ever. Maybe obvious but this is a vegan menu. I am sure you can get most of these foods organically too. 



Let me know if you make this recipe. 


Xx Alonyo xX 



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