Favorite Bloggers: Spring Edition

May 12, 2019

From time to time we need a distraction and time for escapism. Other times we might need to  look for inspiration and posts about issues that are close to us. The thing I am struggling with at the moment is finding a blog site that is different. Fashion and beauty is fun but sometimes you need to switch it up. Don't get me wrong I love writing and creating content around these topics but its also nice to incorporate current issues and real life issues from time to time. Which leads me on to the creation of this list. Here are 3 blog sites I am currently loving at the moment. 




She creates great edits on fashion. And also writes something about real life. Her recent post about depression and black people, should be praised and I wish more people would speak about it. Personally it is endearing to know that others go through the same thing and you are not alone. 



Francis writes about various hacks and gives great advice. There are various travel guides for a variety of locations and How to's as well. The tips she writes about are to the point and not long winded. Sometimes when I have wanted to give up this whole blogging thing, I read her hacks and tips and become inspired all over again.



Jenna writes about a range of issues. From lifestyle to having a topic headed: Views. One of the things  I enjoy about the blog posts is that she will have other guest writes onto her blog. Giving the posts a wide range of opinions, somethings that as a reader you would like to see and read.  



Who are you favourite bloggers or writers? What topics are they writing about to get you excited? 

Let me know. 

Xx Alonyo xX 

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