5 Facts about Me: New Year Edition

January 13, 2019

I love doing these. Again some of you on my social media have asked these questions and I have picked out some I thought were appropriate for the this New Year Edition. 


Where would you like to visit in 2019?

There are so many places on my bucket list still but only a few this year. Paris as I always use to go and the last time was two years ago. Edinburgh, I have never been even though I have lived in the UK all my life. Thailand the long distant destination but the one which will mean the most and have the best memories if I was to go. 


What did you watch over the festive period?

I love a good Disney film no matter what, Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast were watched a few times. I spent a lot of time watching brand new documentaries on Netflix.


What do you want to do more of in 2019?

Go to the gym more and just be more healthy in every aspect of life. This is something I say every year, but I feel this year is different. Read, when I was younger I didn't like to read so in adult life I feel like I am making up for it. Helping others for example doing more charity work by donating my time. 


What skills would you like to learn this year?

I would love to do photography as when I travel I appreciate a good photo. Not just knowing how to take a great photo but also learning how to edit. Also would like to learn how to do make the science behind make up. When I say science I mean ingredients that go into the products and possibly how to make some for myself using items in the kitchen cupboard. 


What advice would you have given yourself in 2018?

I would say let things go and enjoy life. 

 (So I am trying to take more photos but doing far less edits on them.) 

The top I am wearing is from H&M but New Look do a similar one. (Linked.)


Xx Alonyo xX 


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London, UK

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