5 Facts Birthday Edition

September 14, 2018

So a few months ago I did a 5 Facts edit , so I thought the best time to do another one would be for my birthday. Today is my birthday, how do I feel in being one year older? Great I feel more focused  and ready to smash the last few months of 2018!!


What's the weirdest thing about you?

How to I answer this question? Do I want to expose that weird thing of mine? Well here goes, I have weird long fingers and my middle fingers are really crooked. I think of it as character.


Where would you like to visit in the next 12 months?

There were a few places and fortunately I have narrowed it down because I was able to visit them this year. But I would love to visit Thailand and or Australia. I would love to stay in those countries for at least 12 days as the journey is very long.  


What is you favourite smell?

I love the smell of lavender and every so often will have a vase in my room full of it. I also love the smell of sweet smelling candles my favourite being from Bath and Body Works. Such a shame they don’t have a store in the UK.


Do you speak any other language?

Yes Acholi, from North Uganda. From an early age my parents would speak around my siblings and I. Although my response is basic sometimes, I can definitely understand the language. I also can speak basic tourist type French and Spanish. I look to change the latter soon and be able to understand a bit more too. But with Google Translate it makes these things easier.


What are you grateful for?

My family and friends being healthy and happy.


I feel like I want to do more of these. Let me know. Can you answer the same questions?

Xx Alonyo xX 



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