5 Facts About Me

November 15, 2018

After taking a lot of your feedback on through twitter and the blog, I see that you have enjoyed these snapshots of information to get to know me a bit better. So here are a few more. I am thinking of making this a regular thing, possibly once a month. 


What was a childhood dream job of yours?

I always wanted to be a Doctor. I think taking inspiration from one of my Aunties. My parents bought for me a Early Learning Center Doctor kit when I was about 5 years. I wonder if they still have that in stores nowadays. 


Who is you favourite actor/actress? 

First don't we call all actors no matter male or female nowadays? Or is that just me. In which case I am currently loving Johnah Hill, think he is hilarious especially after watching Wolf of Walls Street about 100 times. Denzel Washington, is an amazing actor who is very versatile and he is a looker for sure. For her grace and elegance it has to be Lupita Nyong'o. Every role she is in is a pleasure to watch. Of course her Black Panther are just as good.  



What was you first designer item you bought?

I went all the way to Paris to get my Louis Vuitton Speedy. I saved a lot of money for the bag which I still have. At that time the bag was about £540 (there about.) I cant believe that the bag is now £745. I thought I would use it all the time and when I first bought it I did. Now I only use it for travel and occasionally for the gym. Cost per wear has to be decent by now.(I keep telling myself this.)


What are you currently watching?

I am enjoying Black Earth Rising on BBC 1 featuring Michaela Coel. Who is amazing in the role which is a political/current affairs type drama. Oh and on Netflix it has to be Dynasty. Dynasty is a guilty pleasure of mind some great acting but lets say interesting storylines. After all life is a balance between reality and fun. 


Have you had a pet?

Yes a goldfish, you know ones that you use to win at a fair. But as someone cleaned its bowl out, it ended up down the toilet. (Or so I was told.) I was obviously devastated for maybe a week. Since then no pets. 



What questions would you liked to be answered on my blog? 

Xx Alonyo xX 

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London, UK

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