Dealing with Insomnia

January 16, 2019

2019 has been great so far. So many changes but with very positive results. The only thing that I have not been able to get down is my sleep or for the first week of the year I hadn't been able to sleep. Then it dawned on me to change my pattern and routine up. And you know I am going to share them with you...........


 1. No phones, No tablets, No TV. 

I don't turn off my phone as I always think what if there is some kind of emergency. So instead I put on the other side of my bedroom. Fortunately I don't rely on my phone either as an alarm. Try to turn off all devices at least 30 mins before you want to sleep. 



 2. Beauty regime.

I do a basic skincare regimes before I go to bed. I will clean my face with a make up wipe and then use a hot cloth to continue the cleanse. The cloth is so hot it allows my face dry naturally. Then I use a night serum making sure I smother it on my face and neck. Think of it as a mini facial. 




   3.Camomile Tea 

 I love really hot sweet chai tea before bed. But the milk although almond or oats just want good enough. So I switched to camomile tea. It calms me down and is not so heavy on the stomach.







 4. Lavender

 Ask a few friends of mine and when they need to relax I always recommend lavender. My mum always has dried lavender in the house and I will take some. You can put them in hot water to drink. I put it in my pillows and every night before I go to bed I will fluff my pillows before. 







These little changes have changed my life and the way I sleep. I don't even nap any more during day off or the weekend. Which means more productivity. 


What is your bedtime routine? Let me know any other tips for relaxing and sleeping. 


Xx Alonyo xX 

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London, UK

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