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September 2, 2018

So the Academic year is just around the corner. I always am looking for fresh new stationary to get me organised for the next few months. I know these will be useful as i prepare myself in enrolling in a few courses over the next few months. Whether you are going to University, college, school or back to work fresh stationary is sometimes all you need to get you motivated all over again. So here are a few items that I am currently loving that I will be getting over the next few weeks.  (Link to items as a photo or product name.) 


1. The on Trend Notebook. 

Animal print is the trend of the season. Let me tell you I am here for it. So why not add a lil purr detail to your desk.

 2. Pens in all shapes and sizes. 

Of course you need pens, pencils and all of that. Its nice to have classic ones for the boardroom or classroom, but office or home desks can have those special pens. 

Classic Pen-Parker Urban Roller ball.~As a 11 year old my dad gave me my first Parker fountain pen. It was the best of all pens. Sometimes I think it helped me with my handwriting. My dad also says out of his three children I have the BEST handwriting. 

Highlighters-Stabilo Neon highlighters 



There is only one type of diary I use. And it is the Aspinal diary. With the leather croc cover its the one luxury I can have as part of stationary. Makes me look and feel like a boss when I bring it out during a meeting. 


4. The Mug/Cup

Every working person must feel the need to have a coffee,cup of tea or hot chocolate at least once during the busy day. So why not do it in style with an initial mug. I am loving a personalised cup to hold that sweet hot drink. 


What items do you look forward in getting at the beginning of the academic year? What motivates you to get back in the academic/work mind frame? Let me know. 


Xx Alonyo xX 

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