Alonyo's Berry Delicious


Summer is on its way and sometimes you need a boost drink to start the day in the best way. Heavy enough to keep you going for the day but full of the antioxidants needed to steer your body in the best direction.

Here is a simple recipe for the best smoothie going this summer. 


What you need


NutriBullet or some kind of smoothie maker.




Koko Youghurt (or natural yoghurt of your choice.)

Milk (Almond,Oat Milk .)





Chia Seeds


1. Make sure you have washed the all the berries and spinach before adding it to the blender. 

2.Add the yoghurt and berries, spinach and chia seeds to the blender.

3.Slowly pour milk, put your required amount depending how you like the consistency of the smoothie.

4.Pour in the glass and there you have it simple and quick morning smoothie.  


What smoothie recipes do you love? How effective are they to your health?

Xx Alonyo xX 

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