All About Me..... V-Day Edition

February 13, 2019

Valentines Day the day of love. Name comes from the Roman Saint Valentine of Rome. I looked this up by the way. However I always thought it was the from Greek God or Goddess. 

So in celebration of the day of Love I decided to do an All About Me.... 


Pink or Red?

I like both, but I know red looks better on me. Cant beat red lippie. 


Date night or night in?

Its nice to get dress and go out for dinner. However I am currently loving cosy nights in. 


What was the best date you have been on?

One night my boyfriend and I went to an American style diner near Hampstead Heath. Casually dressed he held my hands as we walked up the cobble streets.We slurrped on milkshakes and ate burgers best night ever. 


Name a time that you loved a moment?

It was early one morning that we went for a drive to a park somewhere in London. Baring in mind I had never been to this park before. The park had a a harp (which I think is a small lake.) it was a crisp morning and the sun was setting. Perfect start to a weekend and something I will never forget. We left our phones in the car or maybe it was just me. He gave me his coat because I was cold and probably being dramatic by shivering. And we just cuddled as we looked towards the North West side of London. Special moments don't have to be dramatic but may only be different to what you are use to. 


Diamonds or pearls?

Diamonds look great and pearls don't look great on me unless its in a bracelet. 



What's a Valentines Day Tradition that you have? Is it worth celebrating? 

Xx Alonyo xX 

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London, UK

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