5 Facts: All about Me

March 13, 2019



I'm back with another All about me, so that some of you new readers can get to know me a little bit better. It has been a while since I uploaded a blogpost. Life has a way of telling you to slow down a little bit and stop trying too much in a short amount of time. In saying that I am glad to be uploading in my usual way. So here goes: 


Do you exercise?

Yes I do, currently I am loving it. I go at least three times a week. When I don't go I feel lethargic and unmotivated. So its a must I go it makes me feels great. 


What did you want to be when you were younger?

I always wanted to be a doctor. This came about because one of my favourite Aunties is a Doctor and she is amazing at her job. It got to a certain point when I realised that helping others was definitely my port of call. 


How tall are you?

I am 5ft 6 inches. (Always thought I was 5ft 5 inches, I don't know why.)


Favourite accessory? 

 I love a bag. I was out shopping with one of my girls and picked out a bag, it was pink. she turned to me  'What you have a bag in you hand right?' she said before she even saw what I was showing her. 'You love a bag, don't you?' and ye I do. 


Are you left or right handed?

I am a right hand girl. One talent is that I can write some words with my left hand though. Nearly ambidextrous. 


I love this, random questions from you guys. Keep them coming. Any question you like. I would love to hear from you.


Xx Alonyo xX 

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London, UK

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