How to Maximise Your Day

June 2, 2019

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Over the next few weeks there will be alot of changes some of which I will be documenting.Doing alot of things means that you have to make the most of your day in order to get 'ish' done.

Here are a few tips I live by....


Wake up and GET up


My body clock gets me up at about 5am, which means in the past I have tried to go back to sleep. Making myself even more tired. As it is lighter in the mornings I am awake an alert an ready to start my day. I am up and out at the gym by 5.45am ready for my 40 min workout. 


Read and Relax

Sometimes when you are relaxing whether in your bed or out in the garden its great time to read. No I don't mean social media or emails but a book or magazine. I am currently reading the Magic.  


Travel and Work

I use my time on public transport to work on non work stuff. For example it gives me time to think of ideas for the blogs and reply to emails in regards to things away from my 9-5. Time well spent I think.



I cannot stress how great the use of a diary can be. I can sometimes be a forgetful person, but with my diary I remember a lot more. It allows me also to strategise and work out what work has to be completed within a certain time. 



Leading on from the use of diaries, lists is another important way of maximising your day. I write lists at the beginning of the month, week and day. Just to remind myself the goals I need to complete and I am sure I have said this in blogposts pasts.


Meal prep

Making meals the Sunday before the week can be time consuming on a chilled Sunday evening. But whilst you are making the Sunday Dinner for the family you may as well make the meals for the rest of the week too. I will make all snacks and my current favourite is popcorn. (Non microwavable.) That way all you are doing is warming it up, but if nothing is planned salads  are always the quickest to make up. 



How do you maximise your day? 

Xx Alonyo xX  

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