And that was 2018

January 4, 2019

Its been a few days/weeks since I uploaded a blog. Please believe I enjoyed the festive period which does not end until the 2nd January in my world anyway. Its been an whopper of a year, from travelling to my beloved Uganda, to having my first photo shoot just for my blog. And also I was featured on a blog or two this year. So here is everything or the best bits of 2018.



The make up set up. This was one of my favourite shoots as I didn't know what to expect from the day. Didn't know how the photos were going to come out either. It all boiled down to having fun. And it was just that all fun. 


















Let it snow, the UK spent a lot of months in snow. March was the worst month. I remember being the most productive in the snow. Even doing a photo shoot or two. 




















Best look and photo shoot. I loved this shoot and enjoyed the final product.




















 My first time in Berlin. I went to hangout with my cousin for the day and had the best time. The first thing we did was go and have a beer. Berlin is full of history and has a few natural beauties. 

Just in case you missed it ....... Berlin Blog.










I love this photo. Of course I took it sitting in a moving car in on the way  from Entebbe Airport, Uganda. The best destination I traveled to in 2018 for sure. Short and sweet trip. 

Take a look at the Uganda Blog for more!! 



















Alongside these exciting trips and photo shoots, I enjoyed being apart of other blogs. I wrote about a childhood favourite story find The Twits Blog. As well as beginning to work with upcoming brands, watch this space for the work. 2019 will be a better year, setting more goals and smashing them out of this world. 

Cheers to what was 2018!!!

Thanks for being on this part of my journey!! 

Xx Alonyo xX 




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