Taking Care Of Yourself

November 8, 2018


Winter is here everyone. The nights are for sure longer and is it cold. When I mean cold I mean freezing, that temperature gauge is dipping below 0. I know its early November but give people sometime to adjust mother nature. 


With all that being said I have realised that I have been taking care of myself a little bit more and doing things that I love a lot more. Here are a few things that I have been up to.



Well not in that sense of the word, but only attending events in which I want to for whatever reason. Not being as social as maybe I should be. But enjoying evenings and days with people that I want around and who want me around. Being in tune with what your heart, spirit and minds wants and needs it important. 




Cooking and baking in this kind of weather not only keeps the house warm and cosy. Not to mention the house smells amazing it also makes me happy. I love food so baking my vegan shortbread biscuits. (cue a recipe coming up.) The only thing that I have not quite mastered and look to is a nut roast. So that's the next recipe project I will be getting to grips to with this recipe would be great before Christmas.


Working out of the house

When I have days when I need to crack open the laptop and do any type of work, working in the confides of my house is not the best. I don't get much work done due too distractions. So going to the local coffee shop is always the best and I can take my shortbread with me as a treat. 



I do Yoga at least once a week, usually in the morning with my sister. Gives me focus and encouragement to take on the rest of the day. It releases the stress of the week in which you have had and sets you up for a new week ahead. I find that yoga brings me calmness and again focus. Its made me truly realise what I need to do in all aspects of my life. 


What things do you do so you are looking after yourself? Do you find out doing any of these once it gets cooler?

Let me know.

Xx Alonyo xX 



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