Living My Best Life: part 1

August 9, 2018

Yes I am!! Doing things you enjoy and spending time with those who you care about is the fruit of life.


A bit of a disclaimer this is not a rule for all but how I live my best life: 



~Live everyday with a fresh start.

Learn from the situations from yesterday and make your todays even better. 


~Stop complaining

If you are not going to do anything about it don't complain. Deal with it and move on. 


~Focus on what really matters

Family, friends and yourself. Make those memories count. 


~Set goals

And smash them everytime! Whether its a weekly, monthly or long time goal. 


~Try something new or different

It could be anything from a type of  food you never usually eat, an activity. It may surprise you, you may enjoy it.


~Be positive 

In everything that you do and attain. 


These a a few tips that I follow on a daily basis. Allowing you to enjoy life that little bit more as you only get one shot at life. May as well make it as positive as you can. 


Xx Alonyo xX 

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London, UK

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