Whats in My Make Up Bag

April 17, 2018

As I keep changing it up from fashion and make up looks, I have made a few changed to my basic make up kit. This is the bag I take with me everyday. I don't wear make up to work, but if I go out after work I like to know that I have something to bake the face. 


 What's in my make up bag: 

1. Zara Basic Pouch -Came as part of a tote bag. 

2.Black Eyeliner -MAC 

3. Foundation -MAC, NW58

4.Foundation 2 Head brush-Primark. Got it to 50p! (Bargain)

5.Concealer-Make Up Revolution

6. Lipstick- Balmain for L'Oreal

7. Mascara-L'Oreal Miss Magna, in Black.


Whats in your basic make up bag? What do you swap in and out all the time? 


Xx Alonyo xX 



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London, UK

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