And that was 2017!!!

December 31, 2017

So I am writing this on a heavily snowy day, cosy at home, The Adventures of TinTin as background noise(Yes I love a bit of an old school cartoon detective). This was going to  The next few weeks are busy with the Christmas period coming up and travelling not to mention to just enjoying family and friends.  Wow can you believe it in under 2 weeks 2017 will be done. Now can honestly say I have had one of the best years. You know when you tick nearly everything on the list that you set out at the start of the year. (I still have 2, but next year they take priority.) 


I am proud to have started this, my blog. I love it even more because when I sit and write it doesn't feel like work. I can write what I want. One resolution will have to be sticking to a definite schedule. I just cant wait to show and tell what 2018 has to offer. 

Another thing is that I probably should invest in a better camera and not just stick to the standard Iphone photos. (However good they are.) 


Maintaining friendships, investing in those that mean so much more to me. This year I have realised more and more not to take life too seriously and enjoy your time with people who have the same goals, aims, aspirations and interests as you. 


Alongside getting a dream role. I work with a great team and every moment is fun. Different but fun. 


I have done quite a bit of travelling this year. That'












s one thing that I will have to be more choosy with in 2018. In saying that I still have a trip or two left for this year which I am so excited about. From going back to places I have visited in the past. To visiting new cities including my trip with the bestie to Dublin and with a Hen party to Newcastle. Okay they are not far from London but I had never been there until this year.


What are your plans for 2018?? Where would you like to visit?

Cheers to the New Year!!!  

















never been to these places. 


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London, UK

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