You Only Live Once

October 30, 2017

Hi everyone, 

I was going to write a Motivation Monday post but I feel this also appropriate. 

So my current take on like is maintaining that YOLO life style. Yes that one phrase that a Canadian rapper made popular (or was it another rapper?) Needless to say that is the mantra in which I live by.

One thing that I have always known but never followed is living in the moment and living for yourself. Doing things on your own terms instead of following what everyone else is doing. With this you may gain friendships and lose them too. 

Recently I have got the travel bug, I want to go everywhere and with just over 2 months of 2018 left there is still time to get the miles in. I am currently writing this blog post in another country  5 hours behind London time. (All will be revealed in a later blogpost.) 


What have you always wanted to try but were to scared to? Let me know.


Xx Alonyo xX



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