Monday Motivation: Gym is bae.

September 11, 2017

Its the Monday before my birthday!!! It is a bit of a nostalgic Monday in the sense I was born on a Monday, and it's the first day of the week. I have booked a PT session at the gym and I going to go.(Talking myself into it as I write this.)  Do you know why? Well  for my health  which is the most important reason but also for the many Instargram photos I am going to take at different events coming up. 

Seriously though this is the best day to start ANYTHING you want. 

Whether it's starting a saving plan, starting a new course, website or business let this be the day that you start. Or starting to get back into fitness because as you know when the winter weather kicks in, it's nothing but duvet weekends with chocolates and biscuits. All shopping done online instead of going to the shop. So pretty much a lazy next few months ahead. Nope START now do IT!!!


XxX Alonyo XxX



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