Under £5: Make Up and Skincare

September 9, 2017



Yeah , its true you can get decent make up for under a fiver. Sometimes I am so surprised what you can buy now a days. Gone are the days where you have to go to MAC to get decent make up. Make up game has gone up on the British high street and online and I love it.

(Some of the products have been linked. Just click on the photo.)


 My first surprise under £5 make up is foundation from (Drum roll please.) Primark. It is called the  My Perfect Colour, Perfect Finish Foundation, Medium coverage Semi Matte finish. A very long introduction to that product but the build up is worth it. Primark doing make up is a different topic in its own. Set the scene: Early on a Saturday morning before the average shopper decides to head to a shopping center I am already there picking a few basics and come across the make up range. Thinking no, I don't think I want any of it, then come across the foundation for £2.50 its worth a swatch at least. The coverage on my hand was WOW, I was truly amazed. So with that popped it in the basket. Still cannot get over the price let alone the coverage. I have used it twice and the the coverage is still as good in the evening as when first applied. I don't even have to do a top up. RESULT!!   




My next amazing find is the Revolution Strobe Hilighter. I am not a hilighter girl but when I walked past it in a Superdrug store, I thought why not?! (YOLO). Got to the till and £3 came up. As you can imagine my bottom lip smacked the floor. I had done a swatch at the stand where it was displayed, so I knew what I was in for. It's all about the shimmer, the sparkle,  that would come from having that popping hilighter on my cheekbones. Since I have bought it I have used it once. During a recent event  One friend noticed I had some hilighter on. So they saw it popped but unfortunately I didn't really feel like it had. Maybe next time aye?? Good product for £3 though. 




The final product comes from a brand I have been using for the last three years. Kiko lipstick in colour 918. It looks different in the photo, but on me its like a slight red based nude tone. Its amazing , again it rivals some of the better known and more expensive Make Up brands. But I remember paying 2 euros. As I bought it in Rome. Its just the best lipstick and I love giving it as little gifts for my friends. 


 What amazing Make up Products  under £5 or $5 do you swear by? Let me know!!!

XxX Alonyo XxX



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