A few days in Dublin...

September 6, 2017

So back in April I visited Dublin. Dublin was one of the cities I wanted to visit this year, and living in London it is not far at all. After a 45 minute flight from Luton aiport we arrived in Dublin. Imagine the scene an airport set in front of a mountain range in which I do not even remember the name.(This is where Google would be handy.)

My friend and we stayed in a hotel, which at the time were having renovations. But the staff were nice. The only thing is the hotel was about 40 minute walk from the center of Dublin. But you know what my best friend and I loved the walk on the first day. There is so much to do there but here is what we got up to :



We stopped here on the city bus tour. We had to wait a little while as you cannot go around the jail on your own, you have to have a tour guide and explore in groups. The jail is HUGE but eery. From the courthouse to the actual cells. Very scary indeed I was hoping to bump into a ghost or too. The staircases and doors were all well preserved considering everyone has been touching it all. The tour guide told us the story of executions and took us to the courtyard where many executions were done. Coming away I now know more about Irish historic politics. 



This is life for any drink connoisseur. I myself have never been into drinking like that. But this is definitely on the must do list for anyone going to Dublin. The city tour bus stops here too. It appears to be busy towards the an hour or so before the last city tour bus leave for obvious reasons. You have the choice of following a guide but my friend and I did it on our own. As soon as you soon as you enter the Guinness area the smell of that malt liqueur is rife. 

Inside the factory or store house you have the entire history of the Guinness showcased with all the artefacts. There is a sensory room where you experience all the scents of the drink, which to be honest exceeded all expectations as none of the scents were expected. And then the pulling the pint, they teach you to pull a fresh Guinness pint. Then the taste there is the choice of tasting it as soon as you have pulled the pint or drink it overlooking Dublin. Obviously the latter is what we did. The views at the top of the storehouse are beautiful and you can always ask for a drink up there too. 



Honestly I did not know that there was a Castle in Dublin. Uninhabited but just a tourist attraction you can see the beauty. Entrance was 8 Euros.(For memory.) I wish I had taken more photos of inside the castle. Interior fit for me, I mean a queen. 

Crystal chandeliers, thrones and dinner tables for too many guests. I was not really interested in the history of the castle and who lived in it. I was more intrigued with the interior. Most of the artefacts were left as the last inhabitants had left it. 

 So those were the highlights or at least the ones I had photos for. But we also went to Temple bar. It is the most well known bar. After the Guinness trip I liked Guinness so ordered that again at the bar. 


If you live in the UK go and visit. Still a city but sometimes its nice to be away from London. 


XxX Alonyo XxX


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